D.R. Congo Kivu

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Acidity: Sparkling
Body: Silky, layered
Tasting Notes: Hibiscus Tea, Pink Lemonade, Red Fruits

The second lot of this coffee we've offered this year, Kivu is back and better than ever! Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, this coffee is grown near the shores of Lake Kivu. This region is famed for its lush, fertile soil, a result of its proximity to the Virunga Mountain volcano chain. Excellent soil, coupled with ideal growing elevations, results in a tempered, vibrant coffee that we are proud to offer.

Kivu is grown at approximately 1,700 meters above sea level by a cooperative of many small farmers. The coffee is grown near lake Kivu and processed using the fully washed method before being transported through much of Rwanda and Kenya to get to the closest shipping port. Though the journey is long and arduous, the coffee is an excellent, unique expression of what African coffees have to offer. When brewed, this coffee shines with effervescent hibiscus tea, pink lemonade, and sweet red fruits. This coffee excels when hand brewed as a V60, though we find it to be delightful in just about any brewing device.