Ethiopia Beriti

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Acidity: Winey & vivacious
Body: Thick & viscous
Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Spiced mulled wine, floral juniper berry, sweet black cherries

Beriti is the washing station in the Kebele (village) of Tore in the Woreda (district) of Yirgacheffe in the country of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe and Tore are some of the most perfect places on the planet to grow coffee. The region/village is surrounded by dense, lush forests with relatively high humidity. The mineral content of the soil, combined with the high elevation, help develop nuanced floral tones and a pronounced, articulate sweetness. The cup profile of Beriti really captivated us and piqued our interest. In the cup you will find notes of spiced mulled wine, floral juniper berry, and sweet black cherries. The acidity is winey and vivacious but presents itself on the palette softly. The body is thick and viscous with a cocoa sweetness, tightly interlaced with a floral juniper and berry aroma.