Guatemala Rio Ocho

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Acidity: Structured
Body: Creamy
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Candied Pecans, Orange

Truly one of the most expressive, flexible coffees we've ever worked with, Rio Ocho is back! We've had the pleasure of working with our friend and partner, Kapeh Utz, to bring this coffee into the states for three years running. Through the years we've used this coffee as a filter brew, a single origin espresso, and as a cold brew component. Today, it is one of the most fabulous single origin coffees on our shelf. Grown at 1,900 meters above sea level by an experienced group of co-op farmers, this coffee is filled to the brim with dense layers of flavor. In this cup, you will find sweet chocolate, candied pecans and delicate citrus notes in the acidity. Rio Ocho tastes excellent brewed in a coffee pot, though we're partial to preparing this coffee in a V60.

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