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Acidity: Zesty 
Body: Juicy
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Toffee, Lemon Custard

Current blend: Guatemala Huehuetenango 

After a year long hibernation, we are thrilled to announce the return of Reverie’s experimental roast, Nameless. Reverie has previously offered Nameless as an alternate espresso to Boneshaker but we believe we can do something better, broader, and more captivating. After much deliberation, tweaking, and tinkering, we’ve resurrected Nameless as an experimental filter coffee, poised to raise eyebrows.
This coffee is an ever-changing blend, constantly being tweaked and refined. A nod to our roasting team’s commitment to quality and artistic expression, this coffee is influenced by seasonality, innovation, and the relentless, manic tinkering of our skilled roasters. Depending on the week you could experience a coffee that is delicately floral, blindingly fruit-forward, or brooding with smokey, dark chocolate hues. As a result, we’ve declined to give this coffee a formal title, opting instead to let the coffee speak for itself. Try brewing in a Kalita or a Chemex, or if you’re feeling bold, pull as an espresso.